The Queen Guillotined - Nothing Will Get Us To Heaven


New York motherfucking deathcore, baby! The Queen Guillotined are one of the hardest bands out of NY right now, debuting a massive track "Her Favorite Knife" on the Wretched Records "A Lover's Quarrel" compilation last year caught many people's attention. This EP is straight banger after banger, no time to rest, just pure hatred and chaos throughout. Not only are this band putting deathcore back on the map, they are on of the leading torch bearers of the scene revival surge that is currently taking place. Don't sleep on this release.
FFO: Suicide Silence, As Blood Runs Black, & Job For a Cowboy (lol)


No Redeeming Qualities
Lie To Yourself
Her Favorite Knife
Centipedes in the Senate
Smoke on Opp Pack
Sensory Deprivation

Pressing Info:

(First Press)
Digipack CD /25
Orange Cassette w/ Heavy Green & Light White Paint Splatter (JFAC Rip) /25

(Second Pressing)
Jewelcase CD /75
Black Cassette w/ Gold Splatter (SYNT Rip) /25