Lights Strung Like Stars - It Gave Way To More Than You Could Imagine


Lights Strung Like Stars are an emo outfit who are very much in their own element. It sounds like what a sad toy from Toy Story would put into their cassette desk and listen to while Andy's gone. Definitely good to scratch a sad itch if you're looking for that.
FFO: Heccra, Cap'n Jazz, Your Arms Are My Cocoon, & Flowers Taped To Pens


you're not alone, there's plenty of us that feel the same way you do but don't have the courage to say it
new year, but it all feels the same
an unremarkable day spent at a water park in wisconsin, i still remember it for some reason
a christmas gift for laurel
end of this story, the

Pressing Info:
Blue Glitter /30
Cream w/ Hand Painted Stars /20

*Cassettes will be shipping in 2-3 weeks (they are preorder) and will be shipped with a shirt order if ordered together, this means your order will be shipped when BOTH the cassette and shirt and done with production, thanks*