Excused Duty - Judgement, Salvation, Within My Hands... (Cassette)

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South Korean Metallic Hardcore powerhouse Excused Duty bring a crushing first EP with "Judgement, Salvation, Within My Hands...". Their track "Deserve" was exclusively featured on the Wretched Records' "A Lover's Quarrel" compilation. The guitar leads on this EP are on par with heavyweights of the 90s. This is the perfect record to get into Metalcore if you listen to Hardcore or something like that lol
FFO: xELEGYx, UNDYING, Prayer For Cleansing, Embers, Slayer, Metallica


Within My Hands... (Intro)
Belief to Corruption
Sanzu River (三途川)
Soul Eater

Pressing Info:

Magenta w/ Heavy Black Paint Splatter (Soul Eater Alt Cover) /35

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