4 Ways To Die (Pre-Order)

Sold out $4.00 - $8.00

4 Ways To Die is the 4-way split EP between The Queen Guillotined, Thotcrime, p.s.you'redead, & Kurama. Each band delivers one merciless track more than capable of melting the flesh off your face.

The CDs are jewelcase, which come with a lyric/artwork booklet.
Cassettes come with a deluxe 5 panel j card.

Kurama - "Snakes With Human Traits"
p.s.you'redead - "Here I Am In Feudal Japan Playing Duck Duck Goose With An 8 Foot Troll"
Thotcrime - "Attack Its Weak Point For Massive Damage!!!"
The Queen Guillotined - "My Name Is Unpronounceable"

Pre-Order Item: Expect to ship mid July